USDA Prime Rib Steak Packages
USDA Prime Rib Steak Packages USDA Prime Rib Steak Packages USDA Prime Rib Steak Packages
$ 73.00

Ceriello's Prime Rib steaks are available in 18 oz. or 36 oz. cuts. This rib steak is a classic bone-in primal cut that is wonderfully juicy, and tender. Our steaks have been graded prime, certified by the USDA.  The main characteristic that USDA inspectors review when determining the grade of the beef (whether prime, choice, and select) is the quantity of fat that is edible in the meat along with the age of the cow. Our prime rib steaks are guaranteed to be moist and flavorful thanks to the meat's intra-muscular fat (marbling). More marbling equals a higher grade of meat. 

Excellent source of Protein, Iron and Zinc.




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