USDA Prime Sirloin Steak Packages
$ 45.00

USDA Prime Sirloin Steak Packages

  • Naturally lean and rich with robust beef flavor
  • Hand-cut into signature shape by master butchers
  • Naturally aged 21 days for maximum tenderness
  • Flash-frozen to preserve each steak's quality
  • Includes 100% satisfaction guarantee

The top sirloin butt (also known as top butt or sirloin butt) generally gets made into boneless steaks but it can be trimmed to varying degrees. For instance, the top butt includes a triangular muscle called the biceps femoris, or sirloin cap, which usually gets pulled off and cut into steaks called cap steaks or coulotte steaks.

Top sirloin steaks and top sirloin filets make economical choices for the grill that still come close in enjoyment to the more expensive short loin and rib cuts such as the New York strip and rib-eye. Like the corresponding steaks, roasts from this section offer a good balance of flavor and value.




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