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Summer Shipping is in Effect! All Perishables will be shipped by guaranteed overnight services only.
Summer Shipping is in Effect! All Perishables will be shipped by guaranteed overnight services only.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Expiration Date on my Sauce? 

Our sauces are good for several years in the jar and have no official expiration date. If you can read the purple code on the bottom of your bottle, the first two numbers are the year of manufacture. If you are within 2 calendar years of that time, your product is definitely within its best by period. We hold bottles as long as 5 years to test and observe. After about 36 months, they are still safe, but are not of best quality.  

You'll always want to make sure that the lid is intact and free of rust, and you'll want to make sure that there's no strong lemony or citrus smell from your bottle. Both are signs that the product seal has been damaged. 

It's always recommended that you heat your sauces past 120 degrees on the stovetop before using. Jars should be refrigerated after opening, and should keep open in the refrigerator for one week. 

These jars are hard to open!

Yes--we know it's a pain, but we have a limited choice of lids, and they're all made to screw on by machine. We put ours on by hand, and that actually seals them more tightly. 

The best thing to do is to secure the jar well so it can't slide around. (You can lay it on a a dish towel.) Then, whack the corner of the lid with a heavy wooden utensil or the honing steel from your knife block. If you can put a dent in the corner of the lid, you will break the seal, and it will open more readily. Obviously, you'll want to be careful not to smash the jar. Slapping the bottom (like a Snapple bottle), sometimes helps, too.
And keep your jar refrigerated after opening!

My items arrived warm or room temperature? OR My ice pack was melted. 

You'll want to place all items immediately in the freezer upon arrival. Salami is fully cured and ok to stay at room temperature for short periods. If your item has arrived with the correct delivery window, then it should be safe.

If you are at all concerned about items arriving safely, then we recommend increasing your shipping speed.   


Where do I enter a promo code?

All of the cart and checkout pages have a place to enter your promo codes or coupons. If you forget and have checked out without entering your code, please send and email to We can usually help!  

Note that if you are purchasing a whole case of an item, the $1/item discount has already been deducted. 

I want to send several gift baskets.

We do that all the time! Please contact or call Tina at 516 747 0277. We'll talk you through the process. It's quick and painless. You can set an advance date for shipping, order as many or as few baskets as you need, and customize the contents of your baskets.

What if I want: a custom mixed case of sauces and/or dressings, a custom gift basket, a custom steak package, something you sell in the store that I don't see on the website?

No problem. Custom requests can be emailed to or arranged by calling 516 747 0277. We'll be able to send you a custom cart checkout link in one business day.

How do I enter a gift message?

On the shopping cart, there is a box for "Special Instructions". Please enter your gift message there, or you may email it to We review all of the orders, so if we notice that a package is being shipped to a different name and address from the person who placed the order, we will likely contact you to double check if you need a card.

What do I do if my order is damaged?

No problem. Our sauces and dressings are both fragile and heavy, so sometimes breakage occurs. If you have received damaged product, please contact us for a replacement or store credit. We will file all of the appropriate papers with FedEx and get your replacement out in the next few business days.