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Welcome to Ceriello Fine Foods

FAQs and Advice for New Customers

Below are some commonly asked questions that our customers have after their first order. Hopefully, they'll help you understand how and when your order will get to you between payment and shipping.

All Salami, Guanciale & Pancetta ship by FedEx Ground, unless you select otherwise. 

  • These products are fully cured, and can stand the travel from NY nationwide without refrigeration at all times of year. You are welcome to pay for 2nd Day or Overnight Shipping if you prefer to have them arrive cold. We will generally put an ice pack in the box and chill these items, but the pack and product will not arrive cold outside of the Northeast. 
  • Cotechino and Fresh Sausage will only ship by 2nd Day or faster. 

When will I get my order?  

  • Probably within a week.
  • Overnight and 2nd Day Shipping are the speeds that get raw products to you safely. They do not indicate the speed with which we pack our orders. We are not Amazon. It takes us about 3-5 business days to ship an order. 

What if I need help?  

  • You can use the chat box on our website, email or call 516 747 0277. One of the good things about not being Amazon, is that you will generally get a long-time employee or a Ceriello family member, and we're happy to help. 

What if I want: a custom mixed case of sauces and/or dressings, a custom gift basket, a custom steak package, something you sell in the store that I don't see on the website?

  • Custom requests can be emailed to or arranged by calling 516 747 0277. We'll be able to send you a custom cart checkout link in one business day.

Why is the shipping so expensive? 

  • See above--we're not Amazon. Even though we ship dozens of packages a week, it's not enough to qualify for the discounts that the big companies get. Unfortunately, the items we ship are either heavy and fragile (sauce & dressing) or perishable (meat and salami). This also means a lot of packing materials and a high cost for shipping services. The price you see at checkout is only HALF of the actual shipping charge. We split the shipping bill with you on every order. 
  • If you would like to order both sauces and cold-packed products, the weight of the sauce will significantly increase the cost of the express shipping. Placing two orders or requesting a custom order at or 516 747 0277 are your best options.